Fyber Developer FAQ

Welcome to the Fyber FAQs! We've gathered the most frequently asked questions for your review here. If we're missing what you need, e-mail us or your account manager.

What personal data does Fyber process via its SDK?

During the integration phase of Fyber’s SDK with a publisher’s app, the publisher may specify the type of personal data that will be shared with Fyber via the SDK. Most publishers enable the Fyber SDK to process information such as the following: Internet Protocol (IP) addresses Advertising ID Precise (GPS) location data, if permitted by the app

Is any of the processed data transferred outside of the EU?

Yes, Fyber stores all personal data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud - which is Privacy Shield certified. Fyber has taken the necessary contractual safeguards to guarantee that personal data is processed in compliance with the GDPR and has signed the required Data Processing Addendum (including Standard Contractual Clauses) with Amazon.

Will I have to update to the new SDK if I have already signed Fyber’s DPA?

Yes, we’ll ensure you’re GDPR compliant regardless of which SDK version you have, but in order to ensure you’re not limited to contextual ads, we recommend updating to the new SDK sooner vs. later.

Will Fyber still service apps with older SDKs?

Yes, but only with contextual ads to EEA users or, if requested by the publisher, to all users.

I need more time to present my own consent form to users, what happens in the meantime?

No worries, until then, we will serve contextual ads to all EEA users that did not provide explicit consent, or, if requested by the publisher, to all users.

Will Fyber update mediated ad networks bundles to the latest version of their SDKs?

Fyber will update bundles gradually as they become available by our mediated network partners.

What happens if the user does not provide consent?

Fyber will serve contextual ads to all users who declined consent.

What happens if a user withdraws his/her consent?

The publisher should provide the user with an option in the app or site to withdraw consent. If a user withdraws consent, the Fyber SDK will treat it as if the user declined consent. In such cases, the SDK automatically anonymizes GPS coordinate data and/or IP address before passing the ad request to demand partners for ad delivery, to ensure that no personal information is processed. In addition, Fyber will flag to its demand partners and/or mediated ad networks that the user did not provide the consent required under GDPR and does not wish to be served with targeted ads in the app. This user will receive contextual ads only.

What are contextual ads?

Contextual ads are ads that are based on the context of the app rather than on the behavioural preferences, or personal data of a particular app’s user. These ads may potentially generate less revenue for the publisher.

What if I integrate with Fyber through a server-to-server API or a tag?

Fyber’s API and JS tags will be updated to support a placeholder to communicate user consent.

What is Fyber’s data retention policy?

Fyber’s Privacy Policy states that Fyber stores user data for as long as the user uses the app or site and for a 30 days thereafter, for the purpose of internal reporting, analysis and to provide its services, and may save such data for longer period for invoicing, reporting, discrepancy reasons and to prevent fraud, but in any case, for no longer than 90 days.