Working with Fyber Ad Bundles

How will bundled SDKs change the way I integrate and update my mediated ad networks?

Instead of downloading the Fyber adapter, the mediated ad network SDK, and other libraries separately, the bundle houses all of these components in one package. This means that you can get everything you need to integrate a mediated ad network in a single download. You no longer need to drag several files into your project and individually match their versions – we do that for you!

How many ad networks are included in a bundle?

There is one bundle for each ad network that you integrate. You can drag and drop as many bundles to your project as you need.

How do I know which ad network SDK version the bundle is using?

Our bundles now follow the mediated ad network SDK version. If you get a bundle named for example: Flurry.6.3.0.r1. This is how the versioning works:

  • Flurry is the Ad network
  • 6.3.0 is the Flurry SDK version
  • r1 is the bundle minor version

We only update the bundle minor version if we need to release an update for a bundle that was created for a specific partner SDK version.

How much easier do bundles make the integration process?

With Fyber’s new bundled SDKs, you’ll get to the market faster because bundles: Save integration time: You don’t need to spend hours locating and matching correct versions of adapters and ad network SDKs. Reduce errors: Each bundle is diligently tested and certified to limit risk of version mismatch and other integration errors.

How do you ensure the bundles work properly?

Every bundled SDK goes through a certification process. Our mediation engineering team works closely with each of our mediated ad network partners to thoroughly understand their SDKs. If a given component of the bundle is failing, we analyze and patch it as quickly as possible. We have dozens of mobile and quality assurance engineers dedicated to testing our integrations on every imaginable device and OS version.

I already work with ad network X. How do I migrate to the new bundled SDK?

If you are migrating an existing integration to use bundles, there are three easy steps you need to follow:

1.Remove the ad network adapter files from your project 1.Remove the ad network SDK from your project 1.Download and add the bundle to your project

If you have an Android app, remember to also update your adapters info file.

I currently use standalone adapters. Can I continue using them in the future, or can I opt out of using bundles?

Bundles are now our standard integration path. We recommend using bundles, instead of standalone adapters, because they help get your app to market faster by streamlining integration and reducing the chance of common integration mistakes. However, if you can’t work with bundles for any reason, please contact your account manager.

Need more help?

Please get in touch! Contact your Account Manager or report an issue to our Developer Support team, or contact the Developer Portal team directly, including details of your account if you are a registered Fyber Developer.