Test Suite


The Test Suite allows you to check if all mediated ad networks are properly integrated in your application and ready to serve and display ads.

Showing the Test Suite

Showing the Test Suite is easy. Simply import theFairBidSDK/FairBid.h header and call the following:

Objective-C Swift
[FairBid presentTestSuite];


Make sure you have started the SDK before calling this.

Checking your Integration’s Status

The Test Suite’s main screen directly gives you an idea of your integration’s status. If the screen you see looks more like the Successful Integration below, then congratulations, your integration is looking great and you can scroll down to the section about Testing Mediation Placements.

If the screen you see looks more like the Unsuccessful Integration, then it means there are some issues with your integration. It is recommended fix them before going live with your application.

Successful Integration Unsuccessful Integration
2e33dc9-test_success__1_.png 9fd175d-test_unsuccess__1_.png

Integration Issues

Integrating a mediated ad network can be tricky and a lot of different issues might occur during this process. Here are the list of issues the Test Suite can help you find and how to fix them.

Missing SKAdNetwork IDs (iOS)

Notes Image Suggested Fix

To allow attribution using SKAdNetwork, demand partners must register with Apple.  Developers must configure their apps to work with ad networks, by specifying SKAdNetwork IDs.

Per Apple’s SKAdNetwork documentation, you must include these IDs in the app’s Info.plist file.

The Supported Networks Table allows you to select each network that you have integrated and produces the snippet for you to insert into the Info.plist

You can also use the SKAdNetwork ID Auto Updater tool to manage SKAdNetwork IDs directly from XCode or Unity Editor -ensuring the list you have is always automatically updated.

Missing SDK

Notes Image Suggested Fix
The FairBid SDK requires the mediated ad network’s SDK to work. If the Test Suite mentions that a network is missing its SDK, then it might mean you forgot to drop the network’s SDK into your project.

To fix this issue, refer to the documentation on how to integrate that specific network into your project.

Not Configured in the Console

Notes Image Suggested Fix
The FairBid SDK requires the mediated ad networks to be enabled in the console. If the Test Suite mentions that a network is not configured on the console it means you might have forgotten to enable it and configure it for your application on the console.

To fix this issue, refer to the documentation on how to integrate that specific network into your project.

Missing Credentials

Notes Image Suggested Fix
For the mediation stack of the FairBid SDK to work, the SDK needs to have access to your credentials for the different networks you integrate. If the Test Suite mentions that a network is missing credentials, it means the network was not configured with credentials in the console.

To fix this issue, go to the console and make sure you have credentials for the relevant network.

Caching Mechanism

To start as quickly as possible, the FairBid SDK implements a caching mechanism of the console configuration. As a result, you might experience some delay between the moment where you change your console configuration and the moment where the changes are reflected in the SDK.

To mitigate this issue, we advise you to fix as many issues at once and to delete and reinstall your application after every change in the console.

Testing your Mediation Placements

Once your mediated ad networks are successfully integrated and ready to work with the FairBid SDK you can use the Test Suite to make sure you can request and show ads from them, using the mediated placements configured in the console.

To do this, select the network you want to interact with from the list of networks. There you can find the list of mediation placements which are used throughout your application. They are split into two different sections, the Mediation Placements and the Programmatic Mediation Placements

Mediation Placements

This section lists all the non-programmatic mediation placements which are configured in the console and used throughout your application. You can request and show ads for these placements using the request and show buttons.


Programmatic Mediation Placements

This section lists all the Programmatic Mediation placements configured in the console and used throughout your application.


Requesting an ad can sometimes fail for many reasons. Below is a list of possible problems to check that can help you get an ad:

Problem Resolution
Console Credentials Make sure you are using the right credentials and mediation placements
Console Logs Mediated ad networks sometimes log tips in the console on how to get ads
Network Documentation Mediated ad networks often provide tips on how to get fills, like specifying test devices through their SDK’s APi (e.g. AdMob) or enabling Test Ads for certain placements (e.g. AdColony)