Adding an App to the Console


Having received the acceptance email from Fyber, it's time to start setting up your apps in the console.

Adding an App

Follow these steps to add an app to the console:

  1. Sign in to the console with your user name and password, here.
    The App Management window opens:

  1. Click + Application to open the Add App window

Adding an App Options

Select the option for the app you are adding to the console.

Adding an App Already Published in the App Store
  1. In the search field, enter one of the following:
  • App Name
  • Developer Name
  • Bundle ID 

As you enter your details a list of apps appears according to the information entered.

  • Select the app you want from the search results.
  •  Select the COPPA checkbox, when relevant.

  • Click Add Another App if you have additional apps you want to add to the console

Your app has been added to the console.

The next step is to Add Placements to your app.

Adding an App Not Yet Published in the App Store
  1. In the Add App window select My App is Not Available in the Google Play / Apple App Store

The Add App window opens

  • Enter a name for the App
  • Select either Android or iOS platform
  • In the Category section select the relevant categories that your app corresponds with.

These categories are used by advertisers for targeting purposes.606a310-Screen_Shot_2019-04-04_at_17.48.03.png

  • Drag and drop an icon for your app
  • Enter the Bundle ID for your app
  • Select the COPPA checkbox, when relevant.

Editing App Settings

To edit the settings to your app, follow these steps.

  1. From the list of apps available, select the app you want to edit

Next to each app, its active placement types and selected performance metrics that refer to the app's FairBid traffic of the previous day, are displayed.

  1. Click App Settings

  1. Enter the iTunes URL for an iOS app or Play Store URL for a Google App, as required.

  1. Amend the Bundle ID and Categories, if necessary.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.

The next step is either to Create Placements for your app or Add Mediated Networks.