Programmatic Mediation


Fyber developed Programmatic Mediation to enable Ad Networks to participate in the Fyber FairBid unified auction.

Ad Networks supporting Programmatic Mediation receive each and every ad request, to which they are able to respond with a dynamic, committed bid. With this process their SDK integration and direct billing relationship are maintained with the publisher. This avoids the need for the waterfall process of receiving bids.

The Benefits

For publishers, Programmatic Mediation provides several significant benefits:

  • Committed bids from ad networks, reflecting the true value of each impression, as opposed to the aggregated historical averages used to estimate each ad network's performance in the waterfall setup.

  • Superior demand liquidity for each impression, as ad networks compete in real-time for each ad request, alongside dozens of other programmatic buyers such as Demand Side Platforms and Trading Desks.

As more ad networks support Programmatic Mediation, publishers are no longer required to manually manage these ad networks via a complicated waterfall setup of multiple instances across various ad formats and geographies, saving valuable time and resources.

Other than integrating the FairBid SDK no additional development work is required from the publisher to support Programmatic Mediation. All of the technical heavy-lifting is performed by Fyber and participating ad networks.

How Does it Work?

After an ad call is sent with an integrated app, the FairBid platform automatically looks at the CPM responses of all the various ad mediation networks and selects the highest one.


To enable Programmatic Mediation partners, contact your dedicated account manager

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