Network Mock Bidder


Fyber FairBid's mediated networks do not use any bidding technology or adapters (aka a Bidder). Instead, they provide a delayed report of their performance and revenues in retrospect, usually a day later.

The report data is collected and delivered to all of our reporting dashboards and API.

For the FairBid auction to operate, it requires all potential buyers to operate programmatically - providing a bid for every auction (potential ad impression). Since some integrated mediated networks have limited or no bidding capabilities, Fyber uses all available data that the traditional mediated networks send via the reporting API to create the most accurate Predicted CPM (also referred to as the Mock Bidder Price).

The Network Mock algorithm is responsible for producing predicted CPM bids, on behalf of the mediated ad-networks, integrated into the FairBid platform. 

How Does it Work?

The Network Mock CPM Algorithm uses the historical data of mediated networks (retrieved from their reporting API) to predict their CPM price at the maximal inventory granularity possible (usually limited to the network's API). This method increases revenue and reduces time spent updating network CPMs to reflect the demand for your ad inventory

If a specific granularity cannot be predicted (due to insufficient historical data), the algorithm searches for a different or lower granularity. This process, called Fallback, and its logic and order is defined in the algorithm's configuration.

Where all granularity fallbacks could not find any permutation with sufficient data, the algorithm eventually falls back to predefined Default Values, defined in the algorithm's configuration. Once the CPM predictions are made for the available granularity, the server uses these values to bid in real-time in the FairBid auction (on behalf of each mediated network).

In the actual auction bidding process, there are two addition steps performed by the server:

  • Shuffling - To ensure all networks are getting the opportunity to win impressions and create data for future predictions, for 1% of FairBid auctions, the mock bids are shuffled to default values
  • Bids statistical distribution

Current Algorithm

Predictions are calculated for the maximum granularity of:

  • Platform (OS)
  • Geo (Country Code)
  • Ad Format (Display / Video)
  • Ad Network
  • Publisher App
  • The algorithm runs twice a day 

Permutation Fallback Order

Permutation Description
platform, ad_format, country, Mediated Network, application If the application belongs to the group of platform, ad_format, country_code that has more than 5,000 impressions for more than 10 days in last 14 days then, that application is provided with the prediction
platform, ad_format, country, Mediated Network The CPM is calculated if network, platform, ad_format, country group have more than 1,000 impressions in the last 14 days
platform, ad_format, country The CPM is calculated if platform, ad_format, country group have more than 1,000 impressions in last 14 days
platform, ad_format The CPM is calculated if platform, ad_format have more than 1,000 impressions in the last 14 days

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