Supported Networks


Fyber's Mediated Ad Network work together with Fyber to offer you a wider range of demand for your apps' inventory. 

Set out below are FairBid's Mediated Ad Networks together with all the information required to integrate them.


For quick access to the iOS info.plist generator and updater tools, select the iOS Platform tab in the table below and refer to Step 3.

Step 1: Select the Mediated Ad Networks To Integrate

From the table below:

  1. Select the tab for the required operating platform (Android, iOS or Unity)
  2. Review the mediated ad network information to decide which mediated ad networks to use
  3. In the Configuration column of the table, select the required mediated ad network to receive detailed integration instructions for your selection.

Every FairBid SDK includes the latest version of Fyber Marketplace, enabled by default. No additional set-up is required for its integration.

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