Child Related Regulations


Starting from FairBid version 2.5.0, Fyber no longer uses child-related regulation statements made through the Fyber platform to invoke other networks’ related APIs or tools, as used previously, when working with AdMob and FAN SDKs. 

How to Declare

The recommended method to make any declaration regarding your app being child-directed is through each mediated network separately and follows their respective instructions on how to do so.

Some mediated networks require you to select a checkbox in their console while others, such as Facebook and AdMob require you to invoke their APIs directly.

AdMob and Facebook

Follow specific instructions on declaring, refer to the documentation on their development portals:

  • For Facebook, click here
  • For AdMob Android, click here 
  • For AdMob iOS, click here 


If your app uses Unity, we do not recommend invoking C# code directly for AdMob and Facebook as we cannot guarantee the correct functionality of their Unity plugin when calling these APIs exclusively. Instead, extract the Unity project to native projects and perform the code changes directly there.

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