The FairBid SDK can automatically request (and keep requesting, if no ad is available) a placement for you.

The initial request for the Placement must come from you, the publisher, as soon as the Placement becomes relevant in your app. This could be at the start of the app (together with FairBid SDK), when the user enters a certain area of the app or reaches a certain level in a game.

After the initial request, FairBid SDK runs an auction for the placement according to the configuration set in the console.

To retrieve information about the state of a placement, you can use:

  • Callbacks to know when a placement is available or not
  • APIs to check if a certain placement is available and ready to be shown 

Disabling Auto-Request

By default, the SDK automatically requests ads, unless you state otherwise in the start options. For more information, read Advanced Initialization Options.

Stopping Auto-Request

If a placement is no longer relevant for the user, the auto-request functionality for that placement can be stopped. The stop functionality is available for:


Auto-requesting can be turned off globally at SDK start. Publishers must integrate the SDK with a fully manual flow and taking care to avoid fill errors etc.