Integrating Full Screen Ads


Integrating Fullscreen ads allows you to integrate the following ad types into your SDK:

  • Interstitial
  • Vertical
  • Rewarded 

Step 1: Building the Ad Spot

  1. Set up the Ad Spot integration:

Setting Up Your Ad Spot

// spot integration for display Square
mSpot = InneractiveAdSpotManager.get().createSpot();
// adding the adview controller
InneractiveFullscreenUnitController controller = new InneractiveFullscreenUnitController();

Step 2: Make the Ad Request

The request and display steps are separate for the Ad Spot.

  1. First, set up the ad request.

Setting Up Your Ad Request

InneractiveAdRequest adRequest = new InneractiveAdRequest("");
// enriching with user and keywords data
// for gender values see: InneractiveUserConfig.Gender
adRequest.setUserParams( new InneractiveUserConfig()
// Add keywords. Separated by a comma
// Optionally, mute non rewarded videos by using the following -
//when ready to perform the ad request

Step 2a: Setting up Listening Events

Choose the type of listening event:

Step 3: Displaying the Ad

  1. Once you've set up the request, it's time to set up displaying the ad.

Setting Up Displaying Your Ad

// checking if we have ad content
if(spot.isReady()) {
    // getting the spot's controller
    InneractiveFullscreenUnitController controller = (InneractiveFullscreenUnitController)spot.getSelectedUnitController();
    // showing the ad using the Activity's context;

Next Steps

Click here for details of how to dismiss an Ad Spot.

Click the link below to add another ad type: