Onboarding with Fyber Marketplace


Do you want to become a new bidder with Fyber? Review the steps below.

If you have any questions about the process below, please contact your Fyber POC and they will provide further information.

Step 1: The Form

Complete the DSP form and provide your endpoint and the targeting of a test campaign.


Make sure to contact your Fyber Account Manager for the relevant DSP form URL.

Step 2: Manual Testing

Fyber sends a few ad requests from a local test environment to confirm that the bidder returns a bid with an ad.

Step 3: Deployment

Fyber deploys the integration to our production servers. An exact date will be provided in advance. 

Step 4: Your Live Test

You now set paying campaigns targeting low scale inventory, and Fyber opens low scale live traffic. 

Step 5: Teamwork

Fyber and the DSP share the number of impressions and cost for the testing period and scale up if the discrepancy is below 5%.

Once you're scaled up, you're good to go!

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