Buyers Report


This report is intended for use by Demand Partners


The Buyer's Report is aimed at programmatic buyers using Fyber. The Buyer's Report enables you to perform in-depth analysis on the traffic you receive and your bidding landscape in order to optimize performance. The data shown in the Buyer's Report is based on aggregated data collected from the Fyber Marketplace and is updated on an hourly basis.


For full instructions of the functionality available to you with Fyber's Dynamic Reporting, click here.

Buyer's Report Dimensions

Set out below are the groups and the dimensions contained within them, relevant to the Buyer's Report.

Group Name Dimension Description
Date/Time - The date and time of the report
Auction Auction Type The type of auction - First Price, Second Price or Fixed Price
  Bid Status This dimension describes the status of each full bid transaction and is comprised of the following options:

The winning bid of the auction.

Lost on Price:
Bid response lost because the price returned was lower than another bid in the auction.

Below the Floor Price:
Bid response was rejected because it was lower than the publisher floor price passed on the bid request.

Blocked Category:
Bid response was rejected because the campaign's IAB category corresponded to a blocked category by the publisher.

Blocked on Creative:
Bid response was blocked by manual blacklisting of the creative ID.

Failed Creative ID Blocked:
Bid response was automatically blocked due to consistent low survival rate.

Invalid Response:
Bid response failed because it was invalid. Common examples include, the JSON was invalid and the response was missing mandatory parameters. See our Demand Docs for a list of mandatory parameters.

No Bid:
Bid response returned an HTTP 204 "No Content" response signalling the bidder had no bid for the auction.

Demand QPS Throttling:
Bid response was blocked according to a manual QPS (Queries Per Second) cap set on the demand integration level.

Filtered out for Optimization:
Bid request was automatically blocked due to an internal optimization mechanism that blocks 95% of unmonetized traffic.

HTTP Error:
Ad request failed due to a web server error.

Bid response failed because it exceeded the timeout window (350ms for RTB Bidders). A best practice is for Demand Partners to pass a no bid instead of timing out.

FairBid - new. This metric is only relevant to Traditional Mediated Networks buying FairBid. The bid request was dropped when the frequency cap was reached.

Blocked Advertiser Domain:
A bid response is blocked because the publisher specifically requested not to receive ads from this advertiser (usually a competitor).
  Bid Price Bucket  
Delivery Ad Unit Ad units are containers you place in your apps to show ads to users.

Ad Units send ad requests to Fyber, then display the ads they receive to complete the request.

Type of ad unit can be either display, video or video and display.
  SDK/Tag Version SDK or JavaScript Tag version
Demand Advertiser Domain The advertiser's domain - for example,
  Campaign ID The campaign ID as defined by the advertiser in the bid response
  Creative ID The creative ID as defined by the advertiser in the bid response
  Demand Source Name Demand partners who bid in the auction
  Demand Source Type The type of demand integration. Can be one of the following:

Programmatic Mediation
Mediated Networks
Custom API
  Seat ID Seat ID of the buyer on the DSP
  Seat Name Seat name of the buyer on the DSP
Device Device ID Type  
  Device Manufacturer  
  Device OS The device operating system
Inventory Ad Size The creative ad size passed in the ad markup
  Ad Unit Type Type of ad unit container can be either video, display, video & display or native. The ad types available to an ad unit depend on the placement type you selected when creating it. (Suggest removing this)

Display: An ad unit type that supports display only
Video: An ad unit type that supports video only
* Video & Display: An ad unit type that supports video or display
  Ad Unit Name  
  App Bundle The app's unique store identifier
  App ID App identifier within Fyber's system
  App Name The name of the app
  Placement ID Placement identifier in Fyber's system
  Placement Name Name given by publisher to a placement they created on Fyber
  Placement Type Placement type describes how ads will look in your app and where ads will be located. Optional Placement types can be either banner, interstitial or rewarded.

Banner: A basic placement type that appears at the top & bottom of the device screen. Doesn't' support video content.
Rewarded: An ad placement type Supports video content.
* Interstitial: Full-page ads appear at natural breaks & transitions, such as level completion. Supports video content.
  Product Line Either Fyber FairBid or Fyber Marketplace
Location Country The country in which the impression was served

Buyer's Report Metrics

Metrics appear in the left pane under the dimensions.

Group Metric Description Forumla
Bids Avg. Floor Price Average floor price of all the bid requests Sum (Floor Prices) / Sum(Bid Requests)
  Bid Requests The number of requests sent to each demand partner Sum (Bid Requests)
Auction Cleared The number of ads that were successfully sold via an auction Sum (Bids Won)
  Avg. Clear Price The average price that the demand partner paid for 1000 impressions Sum (Clear Price) / Sum (Cleared)
  Demand Fill Rate Total number of impressions divided by the number of bid requests. This is the "full funnel" success rate indicator. Sum (Impressions) / Sum (Bid Requests)
  Avg. Win Bid Price Average winning bid price, in terms of CPM. Reflects the average price of all bids that won the auction. In case of a second price auction, Avg. Win Bid Price is higher than the price the demand partner pays for the impression. Sum (Win Bid Price) / Sum (Clears)
Delivery Survival Rate Total number of impressions divided by total number of bids that won the auction Sum(Impressions) / Sum(Cleared)
Engagement Clicks The total number of times users click an ad Sum (Clicks)
  Completion Rate The ratio of rewarded video completions to rewarded video impressions Sum (Rewarded Completions) / Sum (Impressions)
  CTR Click Through Rate - the total number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions [Sum (Clicks) / Sum (Impressions)] * 100%
  Rewarded Completions The number of times users completed watching a rewarded video Sum (Rewarded Completions)
Revenue Internal Users: Gross Revenue

Demand Partners: Total Spend
Total payment received from demand. Some of this revenue is paid directly by the demand partner. Sum (Total Revenue)
  Avg. Bid Price The average price the demand partner bids, in terms of CPM Sum (Bid Price)/ sum(Bid Requests)
  Impressions The number of time an ad is shown Sum (Impressions)
  Demand Fill Rate The percentage of ads served (impressions) out of the bid requests sent to a particular demand partner Sum ((Impressions) / Sum (Bid Requests)) * 100
  Bid Response Rate The percentage of "valid responses" ("won" or "lost on price" responses) received from a demand partner out of the bid requests sent by the exchange Sum ((Bid Responses ('won' or 'lost on price') / Sum (Bid Requests)) * 100
  Bid Responses The number of "valid bid responses" ("won" or "lost on price" responses) returned by the demand partner to bid on the inventory Sum ((Bid Responses (with status 'won' or 'lost on price'))
  Network Clear Rate Indicates how successful a demand partner was to win the auctions in which they participated Sum (Cleared) / sum(Bid Requests)
  Publisher Payout Net revenue per publisher before ad serving fees (for Programmatic Mediation Networks only) Sum (Publisher Revenue)