QPS Throttling


Queries Per Second (QPS) Throttling is a feature offering DSPs the flexibility to control their bid stream and limit the amount of bid requests they receive from Fyber Marketplace.

There are several reasons a DSP may want to use QPS throttling. Below are a few of the main use cases:

  • Ensures QPS never exceeds the DSPs maximum server capacity limit
  • Slowly ramps up traffic volume during new integration testing
  • Avoids wasting server capacity in countries without high demand. Throttle QPS up or down on a need basis for specific countries
  • Allocates supply volumes according to high-level inventory type (display vs. video)

Using QPS Throttling

Follow these steps to configure QPS Throttling for your integration:

  1. On the left menu bar, click QPS Throttling


  1. The QPS Throttling window opens

Each of your child integrations is listed under the top-level Integration Name.

For more information about integration hierarchies, see below.

  1. Under the Throttling Type column, click the dropdown menu and select the required throttling type

Country Throttling

A country cap is used to limit QPS at the country level

  1. Select Country Throttling from the dropdown list
  2. Search for the country you would like to select

  1. Enter a number between 1000 - 250,000 queries per second

  1. You can add additional countries by clicking Add Countries and entering their QPS

  1. Click Save when complete
  2. Click Delete to remove a country from the list.
  3. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. 

Worldwide Throttling

A worldwide cap is used to limit traffic per child integration

  1. Select Worldwide Throttling from the dropdown list

  1. Enter a number between 1000 - 250,000 queries per second
  2. Click Save

Integration Hierarchies

DSPs are configured under a single Parent Account with separate child integrations. With Fyber, multiple child integrations can use a single endpoint provided by the DSP.

  • Video and display are always configured as separate child integrations
  • Additional integrations may be setup for geo-specific endpoints or other types of supply segmentation

For example:
Parent Account: AdTech

Child Integration 1: AdTech RTB Display
Child Integration 2: AdTech RTB Display
Child Integration 3: AdTech RTB Display APAC

In the above example, AdTech has 3 child integrations with Fyber:

  • One for global display
  • One for global video
  • One for display that is only open to Indonesia and Japan (APAC)

In this case, all 3 child integrations are configured with the same endpoint.

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