Video Content Delegate Protocol

Implementing Video Content Delegate Methods


All video delegate methods are optional.

Video Completion Event

This is invoked on video completion.

Invoked on Completion

- (void)IAVideoCompleted:(IAVideoContentController * _Nullable)contentController {
  NSLog(@"video completed");

Interruption Event

If a video started to play (which means the ad was already received), but the buffer became empty for some reason, and it didn't refill.

An Interrupted Event

- (void)IAVideoContentController:(IAVideoContentController * _Nullable)contentController videoInterruptedWithError:(NSError * _Nonnull)error {
  NSLog(@"video interrupted");

Video Duration Received


Video Duration

(void)IAVideoContentController:(IAVideoContentController * _Nullable)contentController videoDurationUpdated:(NSTimeInterval)videoDuration {
  NSLog(@"video duration updated");

Progress Tracking

The delegate method is invoked each time the video has played after a certain amount of milliseconds of the video.

(void)IAVideoContentController:(IAVideoContentController *_Nullable)contentController videoProgressUpdatedWithCurrentTime:(NSTimeInterval)currentTime totalTime:(NSTimeInterval)totalTime {
  NSLog(@"video progress updated");