Fyber Ad Specifications


Ad Unit Supported Ad Content Ad Placement Type UI Size
Banner * HTML / MRAID 2.0 In-View Fixed 320 x 50
MRect HTML / MRAID 2.0 In-View Fixed 300 x 250
Interstitial HTML / MRAID 2.0
VAST 2.0
Fullscreen *Fixed fullscreen size and is modal type

VAST 2.0


Fullscreen *Fixed fullscreen size and is modal type

Ads Terminology Glossary

Term Description
Regular The ad supports rather a HTML/MRAID content, Video content or both of them and is not Native.
In-View The ad unit is added as a subview to a provided, by a publisher, UIView class instance.
Full Screen The ad unit is presented once and only, as a modal view controller, it occupies the entire user screen and does not allow user interaction with the views laying below the ad. It is important to understand, that In-View units can transit to a fullscreen and back, in several cases, described below in this document.
Modal User interaction is prevented (in the views, below) until current view is dismissed.
In-Feed The ad unit (regular or native) occupies one of the cells in table or collection view.
Video In the context of Fyber Marketplace ads means VAST 2.0 content or VPAID content.
View to Full Screen Transition Cases Ad clicked and in-app browser (Fyber Web Browser) is presented.
Ad clicked and in-app storekit view controller is being presented
*Ad clicked and MRAID command Expand did trigger, ad transforms to modal type.

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