User Level Reporting API Supported Metrics and Dimensions


You must specify in the API Request the metrics and dimensions you want to include in your custom report.

User Level Data

Set out in the tables below are the supported metrics and dimensions available in the User Level Reporting API. 


Source Supported Metrics Description
User Level Impressions Number of times the ad is displayed to the users
  Revenue The total revenue of the publisher in USD


Discrepancies may occur since the number of impressions is based on our counting method and revenues are estimated.


The following are the supported Dimensions for the User Level Reporting API:

Source Supported Dimensions Description
User Level Ad Network Name For mediation, we use the network name and for Fyber Marketplace networks we use 'Fyber Marketplace'
  Ad Unit ID The ad unit identifier in the Fyber system
  Container Type ID The identifier of the type of placement
  Advertising ID The Advertising ID for either Apple or Google
  IDFV An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor. (This dimension is relevant to FairBid customers only).
  User ID The identifier of the user supplied by the publisher. (This dimension is relevant to FairBid customers only).
  Instance ID The Instance ID as generated by the demand network. Note: This is referred to differently, by various demand networks.
  Placement ID A Placement's identifier in the Fyber system
  Placement Type Placement type describes how ads will look in your app and where ads will be located. Placement types can be either banner, interstitial or rewarded.


A basic placement type appearing at the top or bottom of the device's screen. Does not support video content

An ad placement type supporting video content

Full-page ads appear at natural breaks & transitions, such as level completion. Supports video content

For more details on the Fyber User Level Reporting API, click here.

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