Bid Loss Notification

Benefit to DSPs

Bid Loss Notifications provide granular, immediate feedback on a per impression basis, helping DSPs:

  • Receive auction transparency on pricing and blocks (bid below the floor, lost to a higher bidder, advertiser blocked, etc.)
  • Uncover technical issues that prevent successful bids (timeout, invalid adomain, etc.)
  • Understand the winning clear price of the auction in order to improve pricing strategies 


  • Partner must be setup as an RTB enabled bidder on the Inneractive Exchange

Getting Started

Contact your dedicated Programmatic Demand Manager to enable this feature:

  1. DSP to pass the lurl in the bid response, which allows Fyber to fire a loss notification when applicable
  2. For notifications on timeouts, please provide a static URL endpoint to your Demand Manager
  3. To receive transparency on the winning clear price, add the ${AUCTION_PRICE} macro to your tracking pixel and Fyber will return the winning clear price in $USD

What's Not Supported?

We do not support error code 0 (win) for the lurl. For win notifications, please use the nurl parameter.

Loss Notifications Errors Table

Set out below are the codes and possible reasons for loss notification errors.

Code Reason
1 Internal Error
2 Impression Opportunity Expired
3 Invalid Bid Response
6 Invalid (i.e., malformed) Advertiser Domain
7 Missing Markup
9 Missing Bid Price
100 Bid was Below Auction Floor
101 Bid was Below Deal Floor
102 Lost to Higher Bid
103 Lost to a Bid for a PMP Deal
202 Creative Filtered - Disapproved by Exchange
205 Creative Filtered - Advertiser Exclusions
206 Creative Filtered - App Bundle Exclusions
207 Creative Filtered - Not Secure
209 Creative Filtered - Category Exclusions
210 Creative Filtered - Creative Attribute Exclusions

      "id": "5194605187929577452",
      "impid": "1",
      "price": 2.522437,
      "adomain": [""],
      "attr": [6],"lurl":"http://dsp_sample/inneractiveid=5194605187929577452\u0026code=${AUCTION_LOSS}",
      "w": 320,
      "h": 480