Adding Your App


Now you have completed the sign-up with Fyber, the next step is to begin setting up your apps in the dashboard. This article explains how you can do this.

Apps may be either already uploaded to the app stores or still unavailable in the stores. 

Signing-In to the Dashboard

  1. Go to the Dashboard page

  2. Log in with the email and password you used to sign-up with Fyber.


Creating the App

Follow the steps below to create a new app in the Offer Wall dashboard.

Click on the Add new app button.


The Dashboard Wizard leads you through each step of setting up the initial information about your app.

Selecting Your Platform

Select the platform for your app.


This cannot be changed once the app is added.



The platform selection indicates from which platform you deploy your build.


Entering Your App Details

App details identify your app within the Fyber system. We use the URL, if provided, to fetch an icon for your app from the Google Play Store. The dashboard also uses the app's name to help you identify your apps.

  1. Enter the name of your app in the Name field.
    You can use the same name for multiple apps in the dashboard. It is recommended to provide a name which is easily distinguishable from other apps.
  2. Enter the URL of your app in the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.
    If your app is not yet in the App store, mark the checkbox This app is not in the App Store.
  3. If your app is intended for children under the age of 13, mark the COPPA Compliance checkbox.
  4. Click Next.

Adding Virtual Currencies

Add at least one virtual currency that your app supports. You can use different currencies for each placement. For more information, click here.

  1. Enter a name for your virtual currency in the Name field.
    You can use the same currency name for multiple currencies.
  2. The Currency ID is automatically populated into the id field. You may choose to edit the id.
    Remember that certain formatting restrictions apply (for example, spaces are not allowed).
    You cannot use the same Currency ID for multiple currencies.
  3. Click Add new currency for additional currencies.
  4. Click the trashcan icon next to any virtual currencies to delete it.
  5. Select one of your virtual currencies as the app's default currency by selecting the Default radio button.
  6. Click Next.


Once you finish configuring your app, you are no longer be able to edit the Currency ID for any of your currencies. If you want to change the ID, you must remove the currency and create a new one with the new ID.

Offer Wall Settings

Configuring Offer Wall while setting up your app allows you to skip dashboard configurations later when you are Setting Up Offer Wall. You can always activate the ad format at a later date.

  1. Toggle the Status to On to activate Offer Wall.
  2. Select the currency you want to use for video rewards from the Virtual Currency dropdown menu.
  3. Complete the Exchange rate field with the number of your virtual currency that equates to one Euro or Dollar (depending on the currency you have set in your account settings).
  4. Select the Round up low video rewards to 1 unit of virtual currency (recommended) if you want to show offers that reward less than 1 unit of your virtual currency. In such cases, the reward is rounded up to 1.
  5. Once you have completed the settings, click Finish.

Once you click Finish your app is created in the Dashboard. Your app is automatically put in Testing mode. This mode removes the app's data from your analytics, but otherwise has no effect. You still receive the inventory normally when requesting the various ad formats.

Your App in the Dashboard

Now that you have finished creating your app, you can select it from the list of apps in the dashboard to control various Fyber features.

Fyber generates an App ID to uniquely identify your app in the Fyber system. It also provides some default settings in the Settings tab to modify settings if you want to change them.



Next Steps

Continue to set up or modify your Offer Wall Placements.

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