Setting Up Placements


To set-up Offer Wall Placements via SDK, follow the steps below. A placement represents the location of Offer Wall within your app. You can add multiple placements within one app. This offers you more control of where and which content you want per Offer Wall Placement. Once you have added an app, a default placement is configured in the dashboard which you can choose to use or modify.


Before you can configure Offer Wall Edge, you must make sure that you have your virtual currency configured. If you have not already done so, you can do so here.

Step 1: Enabling Offer Wall Edge

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select the App.

The app window opens under the Placements tab.

  1. You can choose to either edit the default placement (which was automatically created when adding the app) or to add additional placements, using the Add Placement button.


The name that you choose for your placements is the ID of the placement.


Configure Placement

The Configuration window opens.

  1. Toggle the status checkmark to ON.

  1. Select the currency you want to use for Offer Wall rewards from the Virtual currency dropdown menu. You can add extra virtual currency, if required, by clicking on the Settings icon.
  2. In the Exchange rate field enter the number of your virtual currency that equates to one Euro or Dollar (depending on the currency you set in your account settings).
  3. Select the Round up low video rewards to 1 unit of virtual currency (recommended) if you want to show offers that reward less than 1 unit of your virtual currency. In such cases, the reward is rounded up to 1.

Virtual Currency Sale

The Virtual Currency Sale is a promotional event in which the end user can receive higher rewards when completing existing offers. The end user reward is multiplied based on the provided settings. Once activated a promotional skin is applied to the selected mobile offer wall placement.

  1. Toggle the status to On and it becomes live immediately.
    You must toggle the status to Off, to stop it.
  2. Enter the value of the multiplier.

During a virtual currency sale all virtual currency rewards of this placement are multiplied based on the provided value. All existing virtual currency payout values are multiplied by the provided value.


UI Customization

Here you can prepare your Offer Wall banners. Use the Sample PSD and follow the instructions contained inside. Once you have exported the banners, you can upload them to your dashboard.

  1. Click the Sample PSD
    The PSD template contains instructions on how to load an image
  2. Enter the color code of the banner
  3. Upload the required image for both mobile and tablet. This is valid for both gifs and image files.


Animated .gif files and images under the banner header are also supported.

  1. Click Save to save your Offer Wall Edge configurations.

Requesting a Placement

For details on how to request and show a placement using the SDK, refer to the appropriate article according to the operating system you are using:

Step 2: Choosing Your Rewarding Strategy

There are two options for rewarding the users with virtual currency. You must choose one of the two options.

  1. Using Your Own Server
  2. Using Virtual Currency Server (VCS)

For more details on Reward Handling, click here.

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