Integrating Fyber Offer Wall

Integration Options

There are two methods available to integrate Fybers Offer Wall 

Integrating via SDK

This is the most recommended method. It allows you to benefit from Fyber's Offer Wall Edge design, Offer optimization and full reporting.

Integrating via the REST API

This integration method is less recommended than integrating via the SDK.

For details of this integration method, click here.


If you decide to integrate via the Fyber SDK, you must initialize the SDK on app start! Otherwise DAU calculations will be inaccurate.

What to Bring from the Dashboard

Before continuing with the integration of the SDK, it is important that you are aware of where to find the following information:

  • Client Security Token
  • App ID

You can find these in the Settings tab under SDK Configuration.


Security token is a required parameter for using server-side credentials with mediation. If you omit the security token, your integration will not work as expected.

Next Steps

Now you can integrate the SDK:


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