Download and Integrate the SDK


For iOS, note that a properly functioning integration cannot be made without following our documentation. Skipping over important steps to immediately download the SDK results in a much more difficult integration and poor performance of any integration built.

As such, it is recommended to thoroughly review the documentation and follow the instructions prior to downloading the Fyber SDK.

SDK Download

However, if you need a quick download of the most recent version of the Fyber iOS SDK, click here:

Download v9.2.1



Once you have downloaded and opened the SDK package, included is the Fyber Sample App which provides you basic usage of the Fyber SDK. For more details on the Fyber Sample App, click here.

Adding the Fyber SDK to your Project

It's now time to set up our environment before we start to code. 

Minimum Requirements

The latest Fyber iOS SDK supports iOS 8 and above as a minimum deployment required target.

Selecting the Environment

Click the link for the environment with which you want to integrate the SDK:

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