Configuring the Integration


To work with the Offer Wall Edge using the Fyber SDK you must ensure that you have:


Before you can configure the Offer Wall Edge, you must ensure that you have your virtual currency configured. If you have not already done so, you can modify your App Settings.

Step 1: Enabling the Offer Wall Edge

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click through to your selected App.
  2. Go to Placements and select the app from the list. Make sure Status is set to On.
  1. Select the currency you wish to use for video rewards from the Virtual currency dropdown menu.
  1. In the Exchange rate field enter the number of your virtual currency that equates to one Euro or Dollar (depending on the currency you have set in your account settings).
  2. Select the Round up low rewards to 1 unit of virtual currency (recommended) if you want to show offers that reward less than 1 of your virtual currency.
    In such cases, its reward rounded up to 1.
  1. Click Save to save your Offer Wall configurations.

Setting up the Offer Wall

Step 2: Displaying the Offer Wall Edge

Follow these steps to set up the display.

The SDK header is included in your View Controller:

#import "FyberSDK.h"

The following code snippet must be added to display Offer Wall Edge:

Objective-C Swift
// Creating an instance of the FYBOfferWallViewController
FYBOfferWallViewController *offerWallViewController = [FyberSDK offerWallViewController];

If YES the offer wall will be dismissed after clicking on an offer
offerWallViewController.shouldDismissOnRedirect = YES;

// Showing the Offer Wall
[offerWallViewController presentFromViewController:self animated:YES completion:^{>

// The Offer Wall is successfully presented}
dismiss:^(NSError *error) {

// The Offer Wall is dismissed
// If an error occurred, the error parameter describes the error otherwise is nil

The optional boolean property shouldDismissOnRedirect is used to control the behavior of of the FYBOfferWallViewController custom class.

This is set to No by default, and Offer Wall Edge remains open after the user is redirected to an offer. If this is set to Yes, Offer Wall Edge is automatically dismissed.

Requesting a Placement

If you are using Placements on the Offer Wall you can request a Placement by passing the Placement ID.

Objective-C Swift
FYBRequestParameters *parameters = [[FYBRequestParameters alloc] init];
        parameters.placementId = @"my_placement";
        [[FyberSDK offerWallViewController] presentFromViewController:viewController
                                                             animated:YES completion:^{}
                                                              dismiss:^(NSError *error) {}];

Optional Configuration

By default, Offer Wall Edge is dismissed if it is not fully loaded after 20 seconds.

If you want to change this, add the following key in your application's Info.plist.

Key Type Example Description
FYBOFWRequestTimeout Number 20 Define the time interval after which the Offer Wall is dismissed if it is not fully loaded.

Step 3: Choose Your Rewarding Strategy

First, set up the developer Dashboard for the option you choose and then add the code necessary on the SDK side.

There are two options when it comes to rewarding the users with virtual currency: 

Option 1: Using the Virtual Currency Server (VCS)

If you do not run your own servers, Fyber can provide you with virtual currency hosting. This is the default setting for mobile applications in the developer dashboard.

Click here for details of VCS Hosting.

Option 2: Using your Own Server (Server Side)

If you are interested in using your own server to handle virtual rewarding to your users, Fyber can interact with it after you've set up your own server.

Click here for details of Server-Side Hosting.


You must choose one of the two options. You cannot have both.

For more details on Reward Handling, click here.


Make sure to read the Rewarding your Users section to discover the advantages of each method.

Offer Wall Sample App for iOS

Fyber's sample app can assist you in using Offer Wall within your app.

In addition, use the Fyber sample app as a reference during implementation to troubleshoot possible integration issues.

Sample App

Click here to view and download the sample app repository.

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