Final Review Checklist

Are you Ready to Complete the Process?

It is very important verify your Fyber integration to ensure it is integrated correctly. This helps you obtain the maximum from your Fyber integration.

Set out below is a list for you to review. If your results are different than the expected results, or in case of any questions, always contact your Fyber Account Manager. 

Offer Wall Checklist

The following parameters are sent along with all traffic to Fyber:

Check Step
checkmark-flat.png Make sure the correct App ID is passed to the start method
checkmark-flat.png Present in the URLs as[App ID]&...
checkmark-flat.png The Google Advertising ID or the Apple IDFA of the user
checkmark-flat.png IDFA present in the URLs as[IDFA]&...
checkmark-flat.png GAID present in the URLs as[GAID]&...)
checkmark-flat.png A unique user ID per each user
checkmark-flat.png Present in the URLs as[User ID]&...
checkmark-flat.png Offer Wall is opened successfully
checkmark-flat.png You are able to see offers within the Offer Wall
checkmark-flat.png Complete one offer and make sure you are getting rewarded
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