Reward Handling


Fyber has two modes for reward handling.

  • Gross Revenue
  • Net Revenue

Depending upon the mode required, the calculation for the amount of user reward is calculated.

Gross revenue includes the advertiser’s full bid price, whereas net revenue equals the amount Fyber pays a publisher (excluding fees).


You configure your exchange rate to be 1 token = $1.

If the setting is set to Gross Revenue and the user completes an ad with a bid price of $10, the user receives 10 tokens.
If the setting set to Net Revenue (and your share is 70%), the user receives 7 tokens.
In both cases, the publisher receives $7.


Gross Revenue:

Users are more motivated to complete offers since they see higher amounts of currencies from offer completions. As a result, Engagement Rate and Frequency go up and there would be an increase in publisher payout.

Net Revenue:

A publisher rewards users with the amounts of currencies calculated by the publisher’s revenue share with Fyber and the exchange rate - the publisher’s rewarding practice is aligned with the IAP.

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