ACP Campaign Set-Up

Adding New Campaign Rewarded Installs Rewarded Actions

Adding a New Campaign

To get started with Rewarded Installs, go to our self-service Advertisers Control Panel to create an account.

  1. Login to the ACP


  1. On the main page, click Add Campaign in the Campaigns tab.

The Create New Campaign window opens.

  1. Select the Campaign Type, this can be either Rewarded Install or Rewarded Action.
  2. If it's a new app, click Configure New App

  1. Mark if your app is already live in the Google Play store. If it is, please enter your Google Play store ID. You find your Store ID by navigating to the Google Play page of your app and copying the part between id= and & in the page URL. Once you enter your Store ID we will then automatically load all information from Google Play.
  2. Enter the Campaign Name, this might be related to a particular season or a particular campaign.
  3. Complete all the fields (options may change based on your selection of either Rewarded Install or Rewarded Action):
  • Offer Complexity
  • Rewarded Action
  • Meta Information
  • Targeting
  • Bid/Budget
  • Tracking
  • Schedule
  • Status
  1. Click Create Campaign