Supported Attribution Providers


Once you have set up your offer and chosen your attribution partner, take the Fyber App ID and enter it into the attribution providers dashboard. 

Supported Partners

View below the list of our supported partners.

Follow their instructions on how to generate the click URL required for Fyber:


  • To achieve maximum reach of your campaign, always use the https URL provided by your tracking provider. Read more about https in our blogpost.
  • Take a note of your Fyber AppID. It is required for the Server-to-Server postback.

Log in to your tracking provider's platform and copy/paste the Fyber AppID into the form they have prepared for it on their side. Make sure this AppID remains secure and confidential on your side.

Offer Suppression

If you are running your campaign on multiple networks, it could be that the user has already installed your app through another network. To avoid duplicated app installs - and paying twice for the same user - we have developed a suppression feature, which makes the offers unavailable to users that have already installed the app in the past.

Please check your tracking provider platform settings, as they will always have the option to send Fyber information concerning all installs. Most likely it is enabled by default. Once your tracking provider notifies us of every install and session, Fyber can not target them.

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