Working with Macros


Tracking URLs carry information about clicks from the Fyber platform to your tracking platform using a combination of values and macros.

This section provides guidelines on how to set up your tracking URLs to pass information to your tracking platform. At the bottom, you can find reference tables of all the available macros.

Inserting Macros into your Tracking URLs

To properly track transactions specific information is required, insert the macro for that data in the corresponding parameter/token. If you aren't sure what kind of information you must pass, check with your tracking platform.

Fyber works with many tracking platforms, so check with your platform to see if they can provide you with a Fyber compliant Tracking URL.

If this isn't possible or you have a proper solution for it you can use the information below to create your perfect Tracking URL, i.e:

The following Fyber macros can be used in Tracking URLs:

Macro Description
'[[Apple-Idfa]]' Apple Idfa
'[[GA-ID]]' Google Advertiser Device Identifier
'[[Timestamp]]' Current Timestamp UTC
'[[Random]]' Random alfanumetical value
'[[IP]]' User IP
'[[CountryCode]]' User Country Code
'[[TimezoneOffset]]' Offset
'[[UserAgent]]' User Agent
[[LimitedAdTracking]]' LimitedAdTracking
'[[ConnectionType]]' User Connection
'[[AppBundleName]]' Application Bundle
[[ScreenHeight]]' ScreenHeight
[[ScreenWidth]]' ScreenWidth

If the information you require is not listed, contact your Account Manager.

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