Content Filters for Placements


Once you have completed setting-up your app and placement, you can add content filters to control which offer types you want shown on each placement or across your entire app.

A placement represents the location of the Offer Wall within your app. You can add multiple placements within one app, providing you more control over where and which content you want per Offer Wall Placement.

Creating a content filter prevents offers of a certain categories or task types from being displayed within a certain Offer Wall placement. 

Adding Category Filters

To create a Content Filter, follow these steps:

  1. Click Content Filters on the left-hand menu bar

Under the Categories tab you can see a list of all the Content Filters already set.

  1. Click Add New Filter, to create a new filter.


  1. The Add Category Filter window opens



Adding too many category filters for your apps can decrease revenues.

  1. Enter the name of the App for which you want to create a filter.
    All of the app's Placements automatically appear in the Placements field. Make sure that only the placements that you want to set up this filter for are selected.

  1. Enter the name of Country for which you want to apply this filter. You can choose multiple countries.
  2. Under the Blocked Category section, from the dropdown lists enter the blocking filters for either:
  • User Tasks
  • Ad Content
  • App / Game Genres
  1. Click Save to complete the process.
    The filter is immediately applied to the relevant placements. 

Category Filter Actions

From the Category Filters list, under the Action column, you can either Edit the filter or click the trash icon to delete the filter.

When you click Edit, the Edit Category Filter window opens and you can change the filter options.

Then, click Save to keep you edits.

Creating a Survey-Only Offer Wall

One of the more popular use cases of Content Filters is to create a Survey-Only Offer Wall.

Follow the steps below to create such an Offer Wall:

  1. Set-up an additional Placements on the Publisher Dashboard and call it Survey

For a detailed guide on how to set up a placement, click here.

  1. For the Placement that you just created, use content filters to block all task types EXCEPT “Survey Completion”

  1. Click Save to save your filters.
    The Survey Placement now shows all available survey completion offers.

Requesting a Placement

For details on how to request and show a placement using the SDK, refer to the appropriate article according to the operating system you are using:

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