SDK init

API init Method and Callback


- (void)initWithAppID:(NSString * _Nonnull)appID
      completionBlock:(IASDKCoreInitBlock _Nullable)completionBlock
      completionQueue:(dispatch_queue_t _Nullable)completionQueue;

App ID:
initWithAppID: : NSString
A mandatory param which defines the application id.

Callback (optional):
completionBlock: : ^(BOOL success, NSError * _Nullable error)
A completion block.

Completion block queue (optional):
completionQueue: : dispatch_queue_t
An optional queue for completion block to invoke on.

API init Flag


@property (atomic, readonly, getter=isInitialised) BOOL initialised;

Indicates whether the SDK is initialised.

Callback Completion Error Codes


typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, IASDKCoreInitErrorType) {
    IASDKCoreInitErrorTypeUnknown = 0,
    IASDKCoreInitErrorTypeFailedToDownloadMandatoryData = 1,
    IASDKCoreInitErrorTypeMissingModules = 2,
    IASDKCoreInitErrorTypeInvalidAppID = 3,
    IASDKCoreInitErrorTypeCancelled = 4

If an error occurs (NSError) an error is returned with one of the provided codes.