App Performance


This report is intended for use by Publishers.


The App Performance report is intended to assist FairBid users to better analyse their revenues. It provides publishers with the ability to create reports based on actual and accurate revenue data pulled directly from mediated networks' dashboards.

This report saves publishers the burden of logging in individually to mediated networks' dashboards to discover the amount of generated revenue.

What's in the Report?

In the App Performance report, you can find a concentrated list of dimensions and metrics to better understand the performance of your app. We have included important metrics such as DEU (Daily Engaged Users), ARPDEU and Fill Rate (available at both app and placement levels).

The revenues and impression counts for traditionally mediated networks data in this report come from the mediated networks' reporting APIs.


For full instructions of the functionality available to you with Fyber's Dynamic Reporting, click here.

Default View

To make it easier, the App Performance report default view shows the following details when the report is opened:

  • Split by “App Name”
  • The following metrics “Revenue”, “Impressions”, “Fill Rate”, “ARPDEU” and “eCPM” (in this order)
  • Results are sorted by “Revenue” in descending order
  • A default limit of 50 for “App Name”
  • Three dimensions in the Pinboard Device OS”, “Country” and “Placement Type” (in this order) sorted by descending Revenue

App Performance Dimensions

Set out below are the groups and the dimensions contained within them, relevant to the App Performance report.

Group Name Dimension Description
Device Device OS Apps mobile operating system
Experiments Variant Name Name of the variant stored in the system
Inventory Variant ID (Ad Unit ID) Internal Fyber ID for an Ad Unit
  App ID Application identifier in the Fyber system
  App Name The name of the app. Can include temporary app name provided
  Placement ID Internal Fyber ID for placement
  Placement Name Placement Name as given by the publisher
  Placement Type Placement type describes how ads appear in your app and where the ads are located. Optional placement types can be either banner, interstitial or rewarded.
  Product Line Fyber Marketplace / FairBid
  Publisher ID Internal Fyber ID for publisher
  Publisher Name The name of the publisher
Location Country User's country, determined on the user's IP address
Reporting Source Reporting Source The source of the data. Can be either by Fyber's calculated data or the demand partner's report

App Performance Metrics

Metrics appear in the left pane under the dimensions. Set out below are the the metrics relevant to the App Performance report.

Group Name Metric Description
Engagement ARPDEU Average revenue for daily engaged user
  Clicks The total number of times users click on an ad
  Ad Completions The number of times users completed watching a rewarded video
  Completion Rate  
  CTR Click Through Rate - The total number of clicks divided by the number of impressions
  DEU Daily Engaged Unique Users - An engaged user is one who has had at least one impression.
  Impressions The total number of ads shown to users. An impression is counted when one or more pixels of the ad creative is visible on the screen of a device.
Delivery Fill rate Fill rate is calculated by dividing the number of times an ad request is filled by an ad network (percentage)
  Fills The number of requests that were filled
  Ad Request The number of requests for ads sent from an application to FairBid
  Show Rate [Sum (Impressions) / Sum (Ad Requests) ] * 100%
Revenue eCPM Effective cost per thousand impressions.

If the demand partner is a mediated network, the eCPM is calculated by dividing the reported revenue by the reported impressions.

Both the reported revenue and the reported impressions may change over time retroactively by the mediated network. This affects the presented figures of those metrics.

eCPM is calculated as (Total Earnings / Impressions) x 1000
  Publisher Revenue Your earnings accrued so far. This amount is subject to change when your earnings are verified for accuracy at the end of every month.