iOS 14 Support

Setting a User ID

We have added an API for setting a User ID.

There is no need to pass it on every session as we cache it on the device.


The User ID is sent, as is. There is no validation/modification.

To reset it from a device, pass a nil or an empty string.  The User ID is sent as is, without any validation or modification. 

@property (atomic, nullable) NSString *userID;


IASDKCore.sharedInstance.userID = @"User_123456";

Introspection (reflection) integration

Class IASDKCore = NSClassFromString(@"IASDKCore");
SEL sharedInstanceSelector = NSSelectorFromString(@"sharedInstance");
SEL setUserID = NSSelectorFromString(@"setUserID:");
id sharedInstance = [IASDKCore performSelector:sharedInstanceSelector];

[sharedInstance performSelector:setUserID withObject:@"User_123456"];
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