Adding Custom Parameters


If you are hosting your own currency service, you can pass custom parameters to the Fyber platform when requesting the offers, so you can perform any kind of tracking you need. The custom parameters will be passed back to your system during the callback.

You can pass along custom parameters (e.g. pub0pub1, …) with the request by calling the -[FYBRequestParameters addCustomParameterWithKey:value:] method on your instance of the FYBRewardedVideoController before requesting offers.

FYBRewardedVideoController *rewardedVideoController = [FyberSDK rewardedVideoController];
rewardedVideoController.delegate = self;

// add the custom parameters
FYBRequestParameters *parameters = [[FYBRequestParameters alloc] init];
[parameters addCustomParameterWithKey:@"pub0" value:@"value"];

[rewardedVideoController requestVideoWithParameters:parameters];

Naming Restriction

Our system will only process parameters named pub0-pub9. Any other custom parameter will not be sent back in the reward callback.

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