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This report is intended for Advertisers using Offer Wall.


Offer Wall Edge Reports is an analytic reporting tool, based on the millions of events generated from Fyber's Offer Wall each day. It allows advertisers and publishers to track and improve performance by filtering and splitting data with over 40 different metrics and dimensions.

Edge Reports offer two different views:


  • Every action/revenue metric, is attributed to the time of the click and impression. This view allows a clear understanding of how your manipulations to bid/targeting/offer creatives, impact the performance of your campaigns.


  • Every action/revenue metric, is attributed to the time it happened. This view allows a clear understanding of the periodical revenues, conversions and other events, as they happened.


For full instructions of the functionality available to you with Fyber's Dynamic Reporting, click here.

Edge Report Dimensions

Set out below are the groups and the dimensions contained within them, relevant to the Edge Report.

Group Dimension Description
Date / Time Date Day Level Only
Delivery Offer Actual Position The actual displayed positing of the offer in the container when it was presented
Demand Affiliate Network Name Legacy offer aggregators
  Campaign ID The campaign ID / offer ID as defined by the advertiser in the Fyber system
  Campaign Name A campaign’s / offer's unique identifier (string) as defined in Fyber’s systems
  Campaign Title A campaign’s / offer's title as presented in OFW
  Campaign Type [CPI / CPE / CPL (also includes survey) / CPS (Sales)]
  Demand Account Manager ID Advertiser’s account manager ID as defined in Fyber’s systems
  Demand Account Manager Name Advertiser’s account manager name as defined in Fyber’s systems
  Demand ID Advertiser’s ID as defined in Fyber’s systems
  Demand Name Advertiser’s name
  Dynamic Payout Enabled [Yes / No]
  Offer Task Type
  • Video View
  • Download / App Install
  • Survey Completion
  • Social Media Engagement Registration
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Subscription
  • Purchase / Payment required
  • Free Trial
  • In-App Action
  Program ID Advertiser’s app identifier as defined in Fyber’s systems
  Program Name Advertiser’s app name as defined in Fyber’s systems
Device Device Manufacturer Device manufacturer of the device on which the impression was served
  Device OS Device OS of the device on which the impression was served (Android / iOS)
  Device OS Version Device OS version on which the impression was served
Engagement Offer Completion Range [up to 1 min, 1 -5 min, 5-20 min, 20 min to 1 hour, 1 - 3 hours, 3 - 10 hours, 10 - 24 hours, 1 - 3 days, 3 - 7 days, 7 - 14, 14 and up]
Inventory App Store Name Publisher's app name as can be found in app store
  City The city in which the impression was served
  Country The country in which the impression was served
  Fyber Publisher App ID Publisher’s app identifier as defined in the Fyber system
  Fyber Publisher App Name Publisher’s app name as defined in the Fyber system
  Integration Type API / Mobile integration
  Publisher Account Name Publisher’s account name as defined in the Fyber system
  Publisher App Bundle Bundle ID from app store
  Publisher App Store Category Publisher’s app category information from app store. Could be: sports, lifestyle, social…
  Publisher ID Publisher’s ID as defined in the Fyber system
Micro Bidding Country Group The country group set at the campaign's micro bidding level
System Conversion Type Organic or Customer Support Generated

Edge Report Metrics

Group Name Metric Description Formula
Delivery Offer Avg. Position The position the Offer received for each container impression, compared to the other offers  
  Offer Impressions Individual offer impression count  
  Offer Unique Users The count of an offer's unique impressions  
  Unique Offer Clicks Unique device IDs that clicked offers  
  Unique Offer Impressions The count of distinct offers presented on Offer Wall  
Engagement Conversions / Click Rate    
  Conversions / Impressions Rate    
  Conversions/Installs Rate Offer conversions to offer installs ratio

Offer Conversions /
Offer Installs

  Offer Clicks The clicks that takes the user to the app store/landing page. When using the mobile-wall integration type, this will represent the click after the info window is displayed.  
  Offer Completion Time Average time to complete an offer

sum(time to convert) /
sum( conversions)

  Offer Conversions Amount of conversions generated from offers  
  Offer CTR Offers clicks (that forward user to task landing page) to impressions rate

offer click /
offer imp

  Offer Info Click The initial clicks of the offer, which opens the offer info window. When using the Offer Wall API integration type, this will not be available  
  Offer Info CTR The ratio of offer clicks to the total offer impressions

offer info click /
offer imp

  Offer Ticket Count The number of reports per offer, generated by users  
Revenue Advertiser ARPDEU Average advertiser gross per Offer unique daily engaged users sum(advertiser_gross) / sum(Offer Unique Users)
  Advertiser CPA Bid Advertiser's gross revenue per all conversions sum(advertiser_gross) / sum(Conversions )
  Advertiser Offer eCPM Advertiser's gross revenue per thousand offer impressions sum(advertiser_gross) / sum(offerImpressions)
  Advertiser Spend The original bid value (Number of conversion * Advertiser Bid) sum(advertiser_gross)
  Advertiser Spend per Container Impression Advertiser's payment per container impression sum(advertiser_gross) / sum(containerImpression)
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