Reporting API Supported Metrics and Dimensions (Advertisers)


You must specify in the API Request the source, metrics, dimensions and optional filters you want to include in your custom report.


  • Currently the sources available for the Offer Wall Reporting API are Performance or Event
  • The names of metrics and dimensions are case sensitive


Set out in the tables below are the supported metrics available in the the Offer Wall Reporting API.

For descriptions of the metrics in the Edge report for advertisers, click here.

Group Metric
Custom Attribution Value Provider Custom Id
Delivery Offer Impressions
  Offer Clicks
  Offer Info Click
  Offer Conversions
  Offer Unique Users
  Offer Completion Time
  Offer Ticket Count
  Avg. Position
  Advertiser Spend (USD)
  Advertiser Offer eCPM
  Offer eCPA
  Unique Offer Clicks
  Unique Offer Impressions
Engagement Conversions / Clicks Rate
  Offer Clicks
  Offer CTR
  Offer Completion Time
  Offer Conversions
  Offer Info CTR
  Offer Info Click
  Offer Installs
  Offer Ticket Count
  Conversions / Impressions Rate
  Total Offer Clicks / Info Clicks
Revenue Advertiser ARPDEU
  Advertiser CPA Bid
  Advertiser Offer eCPM
  Advertiser Spend
  Advertiser Spend Per Container Impression


Set out below are the groups and the dimensions contained within them, relevant to the Edge Report.

For descriptions of the dimensions in the Edge report for advertisers, click here.

Group Dimension
Custom Attribution Value Provider Custom Id
Date / Time Date
Delivery Offer Actual Position
Inventory App Store Name
  Fyber Publisher App ID
  Fyber Publisher App Name
  Publisher App Bundle
  Publisher Account Name
  Publisher App Store Category
  Publisher ID
  Integration Type
Device Device Manufacturer
  Device OS
  Device OS Version
Engagement Offer Completion Range
  Publisher App Category
Demand Demand Name
  Campaign Type
  Campaign ID
  Campaign Name
  Campaign Title
  Offer Actual Position
  Program Name
  Program ID
  Dynamic Payout Enabled
  Offer Task Type
  Product Type
Micro Bidding Country Group


You can set an include filter on any value(s) within a dimension. This means, all the data presented in the report relates only to the values defined in the filter.

For example:
Dimension = Country
Filtered Value = US or CA

As a result of these filters, the report will contain data relevant only for the countries US and CA.

For more details on the Offer Wall Reporting API for Advertisers, click here.

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