Multi-Reward Offers


Multi-reward offers are in-app CPE (Cost Per Engagement) offers that reward the user upon completion of multiple actions, rather than rewarding the user for completing a single action.

For example, a user is required to download a bingo game and play the game until they reach level 100. Traditionally, the user would only be rewarded when they reach level 100, but in multi-reward offers users can be rewarded for reaching multiple levels such as 30, 50 and 80 in addition to level 100.

General Guidelines

  • Multi-reward offers are only available for in-app action (CPE) offers.
  • The levels/stages/actions in the app that the user is rewarded for depend on the advertiser’s setup of choice.
  • Fyber can reward on any event that the advertiser is able to track (meaning, that Fyber receives a postback from the attribution provider with the relevant Action ID).
  • Rewarding isn’t sequential and the events aren’t dependent on one another, a user could ‘skip’ an event and still reach the final event.
  • Advertisers can run multiple offers (multi-reward or single reward) with the same event in parallel.

Setting-Up a Multi-Reward Offer

To set-up a multi-reward offer:

  1. Set-up a new offer and set the Default Bid to be the sum of payouts of all the events within the offer.
    The Default Bid represents the accumulated amount you are willing to pay for a user who completes all the events in the offer. If you’re unsure how to set up a new offer click here.  


Conversion capping should not be used when running multi-reward offers. Use lifetime/daily budget instead.

  1. Under the Offer Steps section within the Tracking page when setting up your offer, toggle the “Multi Reward” button to On.

  2. Once you enable multi-reward offers, a new section appears above the Step Description section called Instructions. In this section, provide the user with general guidelines explaining how they can earn rewards. You can provide as many instructions as needed to users but only 2 are mandatory.

    Recommended wording for instructions:
    • Play [add app name]
    • Complete all steps and earn rewards along the way
    • Reach level [add final event level] to win total reward amount!


  3. Once you have entered the instructions, in the Step Description section, add details of the steps the user must complete to earn the rewards. 

For each step that you add, you must enter:

Step Description
A description of the task the user is required to complete to earn the reward e.g. Complete level 10.
Action ID
The Action ID passed in the postbacks Fyber receives from your attribution provider to notify that the user successfully completed the required event and is eligible to be rewarded.
Payout Distribution
The proportion of the Default Bid (as defined in the Budget section within the Setup page) that you want this step to represent. Payout distribution of all steps combined must reach 100%. Under the Payout Amount column you can see the bid value per event based on the payout distribution that you set.


  1. Add the required targeting criteria for your offer and verify your setup in the Preview section before going live.

Micro Bidding with Multi-Reward Offers

Use micro-bidding when optimizing your campaign to improve performance by updating the bids per Country Group or source app. To learn more about micro-bidding click here

When you update the bid of a Country Group or a source app in multi-reward offers, you are overriding the offer Default Bid setting but the distribution per event stays the same percentage wise as is set at the offer level, only the value of each event changes. Hovering over the bid price allows you to preview the new bid value distribution per event.


An offer has a default bid of $8 and an even distribution per each of its 4 events:

Event Name Distribution per Event Bid Value per Event
Level 1 20% $2
Level 2 20% $2
Level 3 20% $2
Level 4 20% $2
Total 100% $8

On the micro-bidding level, the bid for a certain source app is updated from the default $8 to $16. The bid value per event for this specific source app is now set to the following: 

Event Name Distribution per Event Bid Value per Event
Level 1 20% $4
Level 2 20% $4
Level 3 20% $4
Level 4 20% $4
Total 100% $16


To set-up a different distribution per event, duplicate the offer and simply change the distribution setup on the Tracking page. This way you can A/B test performance for different distributions or create a whitelist of apps with a separate distribution per event.

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