Creating an App


This guide is intended for publishers who want to set-up Fyber Marketplace and create an app in the system. 

Setting-Up Fyber Marketplace

Follow the steps below to create an app in the system.

  1. Login to the Marketplace dashboard with your credentials to open the dashboard

  2. On the left side-bar click Inventory >> Manage Apps/Sites


    The Inventory window opens.

  3. Click Add App or Site

    The Adding New Site or App window opens.

  4. Select the operating system - either Android or iOS

  5. In this window, complete all the details for your new app.
  6. Click Continue
  7. Create an ad spot, select and configure ad units

  8. Click Continue
  9. Set the percentage of traffic for each ad unit

  10. Click Continue

An overview of the app settings you have created is displayed

You can now download the Fyber Marketplace SDK.  For more details, select: