Fyber and DV360


Fyber runs a unique integration with Google’s DV360 bidder. This allows DV360 to participate in Fyber’s programmatic auction, while still rendering their ads on the Google SDK.

With this direct integration between Fyber and DV360, you can easily access the fastest growing mobile exchange in the market.  In just a few clicks, you can tap into high-quality, relevant mobile app inventory.  

Enabling Fyber in My DV360 Account

In the Advertiser view:

  1. Access the partner level account here
  2. Once you have logged-in, click Basic Details >> Partner Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Exchanges section
  4. Select the Exchange that is moving to a direct integration
  5. Select the Fyber checkbox
  6. Click Save to complete the process



This is performed by an Admin account and the change is in real time.

Fyber is listed as a direct exchange partner when setting up individual campaigns.

What's the Value?

Set out below are some of the advantages of activating Fyber’s inventory within DV360.

  • Scale campaigns
    Direct supply access to 100% SDK direct inventory at its full scale (X B auctions / X uniques) of our premium mobile app gaming inventory.
  • More Control
    Better controls of targeting and impressions available without the need for additional filtering of your key audience.
  • Better Quality
    The integration renders both the latest innovations coming from Fyber’s SDK and supporting Google’s SDK.  This allows you to seamlessly enable the targeting that is best for viewability, brand safety and app attribution through self-reported signals. This helps validate supply from the Google publisher community and drive better performance.

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