Marketplace Test Devices and Ads


Using the Test Devices feature allows you to check that your app is properly set-up and ready to run as expected and the correct ads are served successfully.

Using the Test Devices

The Test Devices tab alongside the Placements, Mediated Networks and App Settings tabs.

To activate Test Device ads:

  1. Enter the Device ID
  2. Provide a description or name of the device
  3. Click Save Test Device
  4. Toggle Status to On to activate the Test Device

The device is added to the list of Saved Test Devices.

To remove the device from the list of Saved Test Devices, click the trash can icon.

Sending Test Ads

Once the publisher finishes setting-up the test device for a particular app in the Console, the ad requests sent from the app and this device are redirected to our test ads directly. The test ads format matches the placement type automatically.

The test ads are easily recognizable and appear as follows:

Banner Ads


Interstitial Ads


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