Offer Wall User Journey

Use this article as a start-to-finish guide of a user's Offer Wall journey.  The journey begins from downloading the app and ends with any offer issues you may encounter.

Open Mobile App
Install a game on your mobile device and open it. OFW__User_Journey_icon.jpg


Find the Offer Wall
Access the Offer Wall via entry points in the app you installed.



Choose the Offer

Click on the offer in which you want to participate.

Make sure you understand the actions and eligibility rules required to complete the offer and receive the reward.



Participating in the Offer

Once you have participated in the offer, you can check the status of your progress.

To do this:

  1. Click the "three bar" menu icon
  2. Click Status



Check Status Updates
You can track the progress of each offer you have clicked.  You can see your Fyber User ID at the bottom of the page.



Reporting an Incomplete Offer

If you want to report an offer - for example, to submit a complaint, click on the offer.

If the offer is still in progress, with remaining time to complete it, a pops-up to let you know.



Reporting a Completed Offer
If the offer has finished, you can click Report.




Support Page
On the Support page, you must enter the relevant information for the Customer Support team to examine your case.      


Once you have clicked on Submit, a confirmation of the submission of your report will be displayed to you.      


Status Page
The status of the offer is then updated to "Reported".  Note that you cannot report the same offer twice. OFW__User_Journey_7__2_.jpg
Customer Support

The submission of the report generates a ticket for our Customer Support team.

You'll receive an auto-reply to confirm your eligibility for the reward.

Our Customer Support team handles each request accordingly.  Through our Service Level Agreements we aim to solve a ticket or provide assistance within 36 hours once the offer has been reported.



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